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The leachate treatment project for Suzhou waste transfer station

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Project overview

The project was responsible for the treatment of the leachate from waste transfer station, with the treatment capacity of 50 ton/d. The leachate included filtrate from the trash compactor and wastewater from vehicle and ground washing. The raw water from this project contained rich and complex organic pollutants. Additionally, the raw water composition was in variation. Besides, the project was intensive in time and short of space. Therefore, the MBR integrated bio-chemical treatment process and "assembled tank + container" was applied by Jiarong. The way of on-site management reduced both the footprint and the labor requirement for the waste transfer station. Also, this way simplified the construction demand and shortened the construction period. Hence, the project was finished on schedule. Besides, the effluent was stable and the effluent quality met the discharge standard.


50 ton/d


Leachate from waste transfer station, including filtrate from the trach compactor and wastewater from vehicle and ground washing

Discharge standard

COD≤500 mg/L, BOD5≤350 mg/L, NH3-N≤45 mg/L, TN≤70 mg/L, SS≤400 mg/L, pH 6.5-9.5, Temperature 40 ℃

Water quality

COD≤25,000 mg/L, BOD≤15,000 mg/L, NH3-N≤500 mg/L, TN≤1,000 mg/L, SS≤3,000 mg/L, Conductivity≤20,000 us/cm, pH 3-5, Temperature 15-30 ℃


Pretreatment (grid+air flotation+J-Hac high efficiency pretreatment)+BS segmented MBR system

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