ZLD treatment systems

ZLD solution

Jiarong ZLD comprehensive processing system comprises four sections including full pretreatment, high efficiency pre-concentration, evaporation, and desiccation/solidification. Jiarong ZLD equipments use standardized modular design, flexible assembly according to the practical water quality and different processes combinations.

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Product introduction

Full pretreatment
Ensure the stability and reliability of evaporator operation


High efficiency pre-concentration

Reduce energy consumption and investment capital





Harmless treatment/landfill of leachate sludge


Jiarong solution No.1:
For large scale treatment

Coagulating sedimentation +TUF+DTRO+ Membrane Filtration (MF/UF) +MVR+ Desiccation

Jiarong solution No.2:
For small scale treatment

HPRO+MVR+Two-staged DTRO/Ion exchange+ desiccation/solidification


Consistent water quality and quantity of produced water in accordance with standards

High yield of permeate water, no residues

High degree of automatic control and excellent operational stability

Controllable Investment costs and operating costs

Integrated design with compact occupation

Corrosion-resistant, anti-scaling, easy to maintenance

Efficient contaminant-resistance

Eco-friendly treatment of sewage sludge

Jiarong ZLD solution cases

Liaoning Leachate ZLD treatment project

This project features complex water quality involving high concentration of leachate pollutants and salinity, Jiarong adopts high standards and strict requirements to build a set of leachate ZLD treatment system with a daily treatment capacity of 500 ton/day base on tight schedule and high operational requirements. The integrated systems has been put into operation, and the produced water is stable and up to the standard.

Capacity: 500 ton/day

Treatment Process: Pretreatment +Two-staged DTRO+HPDT+MVR+ Desiccation/Solidification


Sichuan leachate ZLD treatment project

The old landfill leachate treated in this project is poorly biodegradable. It contains high salinity and high ammonia. Besides, the old landfill leachate also has  high sulfide and high hardness content. The integrated system has been put  into operation with good curing effect. The produced water is stable and up to the standard.

Capacity: 200 ton/day

Treatment Process: Two-stage DTRO + HPRO + Low-temperature evaporation + Solidification to landfill


Hubei leachate ZLD treatment project

The old landfill leachate treated in this project is complex and variable with high pollutant content. The ZLD treatment process provided by Jiarong is reliable to maintain stable operation with high efficiency and low energy consumption. Also, the produced water meets the discharge standard. The remaining residue are solidified and landfilled.

Capacity: 50 ton/day

Treatment Process: Pretreatment + Two-stage DTRO + HPRO + Low-temperature evaporation + Solidification


Chongqing leachate concentrate ZLD project

Leachate concentrate is characterized by high suspended solids and high hardness. Existing leachate treatment facility at Landfill is designed as a 1,730 ton/day facility, consisting of a 400 ton/day MBR+DTRO system and a 1,330 ton/day STRO emergency treatment system. Currently, the MBR+DTRO systems produces about 100 tons of leachate concentrate per day, and the STRO facility produces about 400 tons of concentrate per day. The produced leachate concentrate is mixed and stored in the equalization pool inside the landfill site, of which about 38,000 m3 are stored inside the landfill and about 140,000 m3 are stored outside the landfill. The storage capacity of the site is nearly saturated, with prominent environmental risks.

The contract was signed in November, 2020. The equipment with 1000 m³/d treatment capacity was installed and accepted in April, 2020. The concentration ZLD project can be regarded as the WWT industry benchmark.

Capacity: 1,000 ton/d

Treatment Process: Pretreatment + Concentration + Evaporation +Desiccation+ Deodorization system


Heilongjiang leachate ZLD treatment project

The landfill concentrate is treated in this project with the capacity of 200 tons per day. The variable concentrate has high concentration of salinity, hardness, ammonia and sulfide and so on and so forth. The ZLD treatment process has been adopted by this project. The MVR is provided by Jiarong Technology and the stable produced water can meet the standard. The remaining tailings are solidified and landfilled.

Capacity: 200 ton/d

Treatment Process: Softening pretreatment + Low-temperature MVR + Ion exchange/Spiral-wound membrane + Solidification and landfill of remaining tailings + Deodorization system


Jiarong technical strength

Solid R&D capabilities, exceptional technical team 

In terms of technology R&D, Jiarong Technology always adheres to the strategy of having a full-spectrum technical team. From pre-treatment, membrane-led concentration and filtration, evaporation system to desiccation, each module is manned by senior specialists with extensive project experience. The project technical team has more than 300 projects experience in leachate treatment. We are able to customize the most adequate process solutions according to the actual situation of each project.


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