Students from the Chemistry and Chemical Engineering College of Xiamen University visited Jiarong.

July 05,2022


Students from the Chemistry and Chemical Engineering College of Xiamen University, led by Song Yi, Secretary of the Party Committee of the College, Liu Junjie, Deputy Secretary of the Party Committee and Nie Xin, visited Xiamen Jiarong and carried out activity of "visiting enterprises and explore posts" Mr. Jiang Linyu, Chairman of the Board of Directors, Mr. Xuexian, Executive Vice President, and Ms. Jing Lei, Director of Human Resources Department of Jiarong Technology, received the students warmly and arranged a visit to the company in July 5, 2022.


As alumni, Chairman Jiang Linyu and Vice President Xuexian led some of the college leaders and students to visit the company's exhibition hall, introduced the development history of Jiarong, and conveyed the spirit of Jiarong's pioneering and innovation in the field of environmental protection technology and its commitment to "green water and green mountain" and "double carbon goal". The spirit of contributing to the "Green Mountain" and "Double Carbon Goal" was introduced. At the same time, we also introduced the membrane module products, equipment models, project sand table, intelligent cloud platform, etc., which aroused everyone's interest and attention.

In the 5S standardized production workshop, the college leaders and students had a close look at several specialized equipment driven by technology at Jiarong. Whether it was the giant evaporator or the exquisite looking and integrated containerized leachate treatment equipment, made them eyes light up.


During the exchange meeting, Mr. Song Yi, Secretary of the Party Committee of Xiamen University College of Chemistry and Chemical Engineering, delivered a speech, expressing his hope that the students would draw their wisdom and power to advance and plan their future development with science.


Chairman Jiang Linyu also shared his stories with the audience when he was in school and after he was employed, hoping that this would help them find a better direction and promote the talent exchange and cooperation with the college, and also welcome more talents from Xiamen University to join the Jiarong family.


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