Jiarong takes part in IE expo China,2023

April 24,2023

April 19-21, the 24th China Environment Expo was held in Shanghai New International Expo Center. This year's exhibition opened all 17 halls of the Shanghai New International Expo Center for the first time, bringing together 2407 environmental protection enterprises, showcasing cutting-edge technological achievements in the entire field of water and sewage treatment, water supply and drainage, solid waste treatment and disposal, air pollution treatment, contaminated site remediation, environmental monitoring and other industries.


Empowered by technology, displaying splendidly with craftsmanship. As a technology-based enterprise deeply engaged in the field of difficult wastewater treatment, Jiarong Technology brought advanced membrane technology, comprehensive solution for waste leachate and comprehensive solution for industrial wastewater to the show. A wide range of exhibits, enthusiastic and professional explanations, technically excellent speeches, detailed and in-depth docking negotiations, and wonderful lottery activities ...... All the details showed the craftsmanship and seriousness. At the same time, Jiarong was ranked on the list of top 100 enterprises in 2023 China Environmental Expo, reflecting that the craftsmanship of Jiarong Technology has been recognized by the society.



In this year's exhibition, Jiarong launched a new product -As a new membrane product originated from Israeli technology and designed for use in extremely harsh environments, it is resistant to acid and alkali, organic solvents, high temperature and pressure, and is widely used in chemical products, pharmaceutical industry, food and beverage, pulp and semi-fiber, mining metals and It is widely used in the fields of chemical products, pharmaceutical industry, food and beverage, pulp and semi-fiber, mining metal and paint and coating for the recovery of acid, alkali and organic solvents, and has been widely used in various industries around the world.



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