A win-win case for Sino-European cooperation in environmental treatment technology

May 08,2023

There is a common saying in Europe: "When a wise man walks with his friends, his steps are always in unison." Going in the same direction and cooperating for a win-win situation is an important consensus in the rapid recovery of international relations between China and Europe since March 2023. The cooperation between Xiamen Jiarong Technology Co., Ltd. of China and Alfa Laval of Sweden in evaporation technology in recent years has written this beautiful story well.



Alfa Laval Plate Heat Exchanger at Exhibition Hall,IE expo 2021 China

Jiarong is a leading enterprise of special membrane technology in China, with total assets of more than 2 billion RMB, listed on China GEM (301148.SZ). Jiarong is a leading enterprise in waste leachate treatment industry, and has implemented more than 300 waste leachate treatment projects in China. Products of Jiarong are also used in more than 10 countries, including the United States, Japan, Brazil, Singapore and Colombia. Alfa Laval of Sweden is an expert of heat exchanger, separation, fluid technology around the world, but also the international market pioneer of plate heat exchangers. There are no business intersection between Alfa Laval and Jiarong before. Plate heat exchanger and evaporation technology of Alfa Laval is widely used in food, pharmaceuticals and other material separation, but never be used in the high concentration wastewater treatment applications. Jiarong is an expert in advanced environmental treatment equipment manufacturing and has rich experience in leachate and other difficult wastewater treatment technologies. Meanwhile, Jiarong is seeking for breakthrough applications in new areas of high concentration wastewater treatment. In 2020, both sides had an initial technical exchange, and decided to cooperate immediately. Finally, Jiarong and Alfa Laval jointly developed the I-FLASH MVR evaporator successfully, which perfectly solves many troubling problems such as inefficient heat exchange, frequent clogging and poor condensate water quality during leachate concentrate treatment by traditional evaporators. During the design period of the first MVR equipment, the technical personnel of both sides continuously collided their ideas and made process improvements on the traditional evaporation process. The patented wide channel plate heat exchangers and large flow forced circulation flash process are innovatively applied to the evaporation of leachate, which well guaranteed the stability of the equipment operation and extended the cleaning cycle.

Changshengqiao landfill is a typical valley-type waste disposal site with a land area of 690,642 m3, a landfill area of approximately 379,620 m3 and a design capacity of about 14 million m3. The landfill site was put into operation at the end of July 2003 and was shut down at the end of 2016. It has been undergoing regulated closure and restoration since 2018. Jiarong Technology won the bid for ZLD treatment project, with a project scale of 1,000 tons/day, decided to apply the first I-FLASH MVR evaporator developed by the two parties in the project, when Alfa Laval technical staff provided technical guidance and assistance, some process and equipment problems occurred, both sides worked overtime together to actively find ways to solve, so that the first set of equipment commissioning was finally completed successfully, and accumulated many operating parameters and commissioning experience of the equipment, in the stable operation of the equipment Only after the equipment was in stable operation and reached the designed operation effect, Alfa Laval technicians left the site and worked side by side to obtain the success of the project, which was fully recognized by the owner and customer, and was rapidly applied in many large leachate treatment projects in China.


Communication between Jiarong and Alfa Laval Technicians on The Production Plant. 

Alfa Laval's business manager said:, when we initially signed the first set of equipment cooperation, we only took it as a pilot project, although very excited about the new field of experiments, but at first did not have too much expectation for short-term cooperation space. We did not expect that this I-FLASH MVR equipment for waste leachate concentrate evaporation treatment developed by both of us would be a great success, and in the next two years we worked together intensively with remarkable results, not only to make the sales of this business in the Chinese market grow rapidly, but also to open up a whole new application of our products in the field of wastewater treatment. China has more than 1,700 landfills, and as China's environmental policies tighten, the majority of landfills will need to be closed in the future, and the stockpiled leachate will need to be fully quantified and treated. Of course, there are more industrial wastewater treatment fields where MVR evaporator equipment has wide application space, which is a market with great potential.


Jiarong I-FLASH MVR Production Line

Jiarong technicians said that the I-FLASH MVR equipment developed in cooperation with Alfa Laval has better evaporated condensate quality, less fouling, longer cleaning cycle, and more stable and reliable equipment performance compared with competitors. Jialong I-FLASH MVR evaporator has been successfully applied in more than 10 large-scale leachate ZLD projects in China with outstanding results. Through ZLD treatment, most of the pollutants in leachate can be removed, including special pollutants such as perfluorooctane sulfonate (PFOS) and heavy metals, which are difficult to degrade. The successful development and application of I-FLASH MVR is an exemplary case of win-win cooperation between China and Europe in the environmental protection industry, and with the recent rapid recovery of China-EU political and economic relations, there is great potential for future cooperation between China and Europe in the global climate and environmental protection fields. With the recent rapid recovery of China-EU political and economic relations, there is great potential for future cooperation between China and Europe in the field of global climate and environmental protection.



I-FLASH MVR Application in Leachate ZLD Project in Heilongjiang,,China


I-FLASH MVR Application in Leachate Concentrate ZLD Project in Chongqing, China

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